a workshop presented by Reham Hosny, Dene Grigar, and John Barber

Dr. Hosny

is a creative writer and critic. She recently completed her joint PhD in Digital criticism between RIT, New York and Minia University, Egypt. She was formerly a Research Scholar at West Virginia University, and RIT New York. She is the director of AEL, the first network of Arabic e-lit in English. She is now based in Leeds, UK, and studies digital humanities, digital criticism, and genre theory.

Dr. Grigar

is a digital artist, curator, and scholar at Washington State University, where she is Associate Professor and Director of the Creative Media and Digital Culture program. She is President of the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO), and has curated exhibits of electronic literature and media art at several venues, including the Library of Congress

This full-day, hands-on workshop is the first of its kind ever offered in the Arab World specifically, and is aimed at teaching digital tools used in creating electronic literature (e-lit). It is divided into two parts: an introduction to the field, which orients participants on examples of electronic genres and exemplary works, and a creative session that enables participants to produce their own works of e-lit. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a good understanding of what e-lit is and how it is produced.

The workshop is open to Arabic artists and scholars, and to anyone else interested in the emerging field of born digital literature.

Structure of the Workshop

10:00-12:00 noon Part One:

Understanding What is Electronic Literature?

1:00-4:00  p.m Part Two: Making 

  • Writing stories with Twine, an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories

  • Making Twitterbots with Tracery, a computer language, “JavaScript,” for random text generation

  • Scripting for NetProvs (live performances & installations)

  • Making stories and poetry with Twitter (e.g. Twitterature)

  • Prototyping a Video Essay

  • Creating memes 

eLit Workshop Registration:

Registration for the eLit workshop, to be held February 24th, is free to conference presenters and RIT students and faculty, who will only be charged AED 50 if they register for lunch (optional). Workshop registration for all other interested parties is AED 350 (AED 175 for non-RIT students) and will include lunch.

To register, please send an email to Doaa Al Medany, Executive Assistant to the President, atdsecad@rit.edu under the subject line “Registration Request for eLit Workshop on February 24” and indicate your status (RIT student/faculty, Other Student, Regular Registration) and meal preference (Yes/No). 


Registration for the workshop will close February 18. Please see the program for schedule details.

4:00-5:00 p.m

Electronic Literature and Sound

Dr. Barber

John F. Barber, Ph.D. teaches in The Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver, USA. His research and practice combines media art, digital humanities, and sound. He developed and maintains Radio Nouspace (www.radionouspace.net), a curated listening gallery/virtual museum for sound . His radio+sound art work has been broadcast internationally, and featured in juried exhibitions in America, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Northern Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.