​Katherine Hayles

Professor Hayles is Director of Graduate Studies at Duke University, and a foremost critic and theorist of electronic literature. She holds degrees in Chemistry from RIT (BSc) and the California Institute of Technology (MSc), and in English Literature from Michigan State (MA) and the University of Rochester (PhD). She is the author of eleven books and many articles, reviews, and essays on literature at the intersection of science and technology.

​Zohor Gourram

Zohor Gourram is a Moroccan novelist, digital critic, academic, and a leading Arab thinker. She has writtten many creative and critical books and articles, and is the recipient of 2016 Katara Award of Arabic Novel, Literary Criticism Category. She heads the Centre of Digital Research and Studies (CREN) at Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco, and is the general editor of “Digital Links”, an Arabic academic book series interested in electronic literature. 

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